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EDS – Edlund Data Services offers independent Recruiting, Scheduling and Editing services.

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EDS is an emerging mystery shopping and market research recruiting service. We specialize in small projects and hard to fill locations. For larger accounts, we would like to refer you one of the larger companies in the industry.  Feel free to email for referrals.

EDS is a proud supporter of the IMSC – Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition.   You can visit the IMSC at

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37 thoughts on “Join the EDS Database!”

  1. I have been in retail sales management for over 15 years with 7 plus years in mystery shopping, auditing, investigating, and merchandising.

  2. I am an experienced video shopper with over 1200 video shops completed to date. Own two full sets. 98.75% acceptance rate for video shops to date. Nevada work card. Work primarily in CO , WY, UT, NM, TX. Open to long routes of video shops.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I am also MSPA silver certified and have video shopping experience in the apartment leasing industry.

  4. I have manage several restaurants for 7 plus years and understand exactly what a mystery shopper duties are. I have also worked in retail for two years.

  5. I recently retired from over 40 years of service as a Registered Nurse. I am reliable and detail oriented. I have signed up as a mystery shopper with several companies and have done my assignments with no problems. I have received 10 out of 10 on my reports submitted.

  6. I am a certified silver mystery shopper – 5287518 and with my varied customer service and sales experience am capable of doing a variety of shops. I have a good eye for details, interact easily with others, and am diligent and neat in my reports.

  7. It is a pleasure to know that you want to meet with me, while you are in Las Vegas, NV. For the 5th annual meeting and educational classes. Wish I could be there to meet with you..
    Have a membership with MSPA and carry the silver certification #xxxxx under the email:
    Also have a 100/100 ICA rating with JobSlingerPlus organization..
    Have an excellent sho in Las Vegas and I would like to see so kind of way to learn this next step in secret shopping via the internet with some workshop, locally.
    Bruce MacElrath

  8. Thank you so much for inviting me to sign up on your site. My background is mainly in counseling and customer service. I have over 10 years customer service. My parents were small business owners and so we were taught at a young age how to treat your customers. I am very detailed oriented and known for completing paper work correct and on time. I am a quick learner, have high integrity and am a professional. I am not currently working so I am available most anytime right now.

    Thanks again!


  9. I am a premium gold, certified shopper. I have great customer service skills and interact well with others. I am eager and willing to learn new things.

  10. I retired from smith’s food & drug a little over 2 years ago. I was with them 23 years. And my total retail experience goes back to 1972 when i worked for Oroweat foods company.
    I did mystery shopping with smith’s for awhile, but employees new who i was so it made the mysery part difficult. In vegas i worked for another mystery shopping company, but cant remember their name, sorry. I am very organized, get along with anyone i meet and im very outgoing. I would love to work for your company and show you what i can do for you. Thanks for your email!!
    Theresa jacobs, las vegas, nv.

  11. I can do the bank assignment for you in Denver. I go there three days a week (minimum) and prepare routes for my activities in that area. I have done multiple banks (well over 500 with six differrent banks and eight companies). Look forward to helping you to get top notch reports to our clients.

    Have a Happy New Year.

    … Mike

  12. I have performed various different shops and am vary detailed oriented and enjoy performing customer service shops. I look forward to working with you and shadow shopper in the present future.

  13. I currently work for about 15 companies and have done over 500 shops since 2013 mostly written. I am very interested in becoming a Video Certified Shopper. I thoroughly love mystery shopping and feel there is a real need for companies to have shoppers to help them see what is going on behind the scenes from the eyes of the public. I have trained three other people to shop also.

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