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EDS – Edlund Data Services offers independent Recruiting, Scheduling and Editing services.

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EDS is an emerging mystery shopping and market research recruiting service. We specialize in small projects and hard to fill locations. For larger accounts, we would like to refer you one of the larger companies in the industry.  Feel free to email  recruiter@edlunddataservices.com for referrals.

EDS is a proud supporter of the IMSC – Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition.   You can visit the IMSC at www.imscinfo.com.

EDS is more a scheduling company than anything else at this point. We have been contacted by several companies to help with hard-to-fill jobs and centralizing everything in one database made sense.

We are not a Mystery Shop Provider, but we do schedule and edit for a few smaller companies that just needed to outsource these smaller projects.

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Disclaimer: Servanne Edlund, President of EDS, has been a mystery shopper full-time since 2006.  She has been the IMSC Vice-President since its creation in 2009. And in November 2014, she founded EDS – Edlund Data Services.

All of these positions are independent from one another. That means that unless she knows you personally or you sign up for the database, she will not be reaching out to you. In other words, if you have ever attended an IMSC Conference, unless you made a connection where email addresses were exchanged, EDS will not go into the IMSC Database and harvest names.  Same if you have worked with Servanne in a scheduler/editor position for other businesses. It would be unethical to rip the benefits of working for a larger company for EDS’ profit.

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  1. I believe a neighborhood bar is showing the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight illegally. Are you in charge of auditing this?


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