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Financial Shop Solutions

From their website: “Financial Shop Solutions is a competitive market research company specializing in the financial services industry.  They combine extensive industry knowledge and mystery shopping techniques to deliver quality information to your institution.

Financial Shop Solutions is committed to providing results-oriented, quality information and superior service to our clients. Our aim is to offer innovative solutions that assist our clients in delivering product lines and service models that are appealing, competitively priced, and beneficial to their customer base, while maximizing revenue.”

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Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

From their website: “We have a vision, to redefine what the retail world has come to know as “mystery shopping” as one of the premier mystery shopping companies focusing on video mystery shopping.

Our vision began to take shape through a unique exposure into mystery shopping. Some years ago Jonathan, our founder, came across an ad and ended up taking on a role as a mystery shopper fulfilling a large route. Jonathan was asked to take video while performing the mystery shops. Soon, it became clear that handling video came with a huge set of technical difficulties. Jonathan and the original team painstakingly put their years of technical expertise to work utilizing many different technologies to eventually get a working method of bringing video to the client in near real time.

After some time as Jonathan continued to gain more and more experience as an auditor completing over 10,000 video mystery shops, we came together as a team and examined the industry.  It did not take long for us to see that the Fortune 500 client we were serving was receiving something completely unique to the industry. Most importantly: Valid Data-Proven through Video!”

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JRE – J. Rossetti Enterprises

JRE specializes in piracy jobs involving sporting event transmissions.
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Baird Group

From their website:
The Baird Group specializes in providing mystery shoppers to the healthcare industry. Our medical mystery shopping experts provide the following services:

Phone Calls

Walkthrough Visits*

Patient Visits*

Paired Patient Visits*

Care Partner Observations*

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Faith Perceptions

From their website: “We adapted our mystery shopping program for businesses to the church environment using unchurched mystery guests (sometimes called mystery worshippers), multiple visits and a consistent scorecard.  Faith Perceptions is now the fastest growing firm of its type in the United States with over 4,300 worship services evaluated across four denominations in eight states.  We have over 13,000 mystery guests that are active in our database.
In addition to the Mystery Guest Program, Faith Perceptions also helps churches grow by offering on-site consultations, focus groups and surveys, as well as training.  Pastors are consistently reporting outstanding results using these services as well. ”

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LeBlanc & Associates

From their website:LeBlanc & Associates only mystery shops new home communities, retirement communities, senior living facilities and other housing related settings. The shops could be either audio or video recorded. Telephone shops will be audio recorded. Rest assured appropriate authorization waivers are in place to meet all legal requirements for this process.”

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Elite Shopper Force

From their website:  “At Elite Shopper Force, we are focused on more than just finding as many evaluators as possible. We are dedicated to a higher standard in the industry and focus on working with evaluators who have set themselves apart from the rest. ”

ESF has partnered with EDS for some of their editing needs.

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